• I'd like to express my sincerest thanks to the amazingly helpful Rental Beast staff. They have really been there along the way to support me as I tackle what for me has been a new and sometimes daunting aspect of the real estate market, RENTALS. With their support and guidance, within the first month of my Rental Beast training, I signed my first lease, was working half a dozen active leads, and had already garnered my first referral! They jumped in to do an advanced search for that impossible-to-find apartment for the client with multiple needs. Perhaps even more importantly, when I found myself overwhelmed with requests for more showings than I could handle, they reassigned a client to get her someone who could respond immediately so that she wouldn’t be lost in the system. With the backing of the Rental Beast staff, I can see rentals as a long-term, successful venture for me. Keep up the great work!

    – Susan, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Rental Beast Certified Agent
  • I find Rental Beast to be a good tool for both clients and agents. I responded quickly as recommended and I did wind up getting the rental done in a relatively short period of time. If rentals are your thing, then Rental Beast is the way to go. I think it is another Berkshire Hathaway tool that gives their agents an edge in the marketplace.

    – Ilene, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Rental Beast Certified Agent
  • I am very happy with the business relationship I am forming with Rental Beast! I live in the Lehigh Valley and the drive to Philly (for training) was a bit challenging. However, the knowledge obtained from the training was well worth it
    I look forward to using Rental Beast consistently to grow my "Rental Expertise"
    Once again, thank you to all at Rental Beast for a great tool.

    – Nilsa, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Rental Beast Certified Agent
  • The customer service at Rental Beast is excellent! The staff has been extremely helpful with training on how to use the rental portal, supplying leads, and training on how to work with clients, they have even come out to my office to meet with prospective tenants. Because of this support I have already executed a transaction and have many other leads in the pipeline. One of my leads from Rental Beast even became a prospective buyer!

    – Rachele , Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Rental Beast Certified Agent
  • I have been a licensed Realtor since 2003 and I have never come across such an extraordinary and effective rental search method as the one offered with Rental Beast. Rental Beast is a great service to the community and Realtors with its unique ability to pull all types of rental units from any source (whether through private or public offerings). Providing an uncommon form of "one-stop shopping", it's very hard to find an active rental posted anywhere on the Internet that is NOT on the Rental Beast site. For this, my clients appreciate such effectiveness and enjoy being able to modify their search when and how they see necessary.
    The staff at Rental Beast are a true pleasure to work with. They are experienced, professional and very courteous. They listen to feedback and suggestions to fine-tune this service and are available whenever the public (and Realtors) need them. If there is a question on a rental or the assigned realtor cannot immediately research or set up a showing, Rental Beast will assist and step in to help asap. They are like a Realtor's assistant! It's a great team atmosphere and comforting to know Rental Beast is there both on the public and real estate agent's side.
    It's very clear that Rental Beast cares about their clients and not just about the sale. My first closed transaction with RB involved placing a family that had lost their home due to a fire. They were living in a hotel when Rental Beast was contacted by an insurance company trying to find them short-term suitable housing as their home was being rebuilt. Utilizing Rental Beast's top of the line search methods, staying in constant communication with both the insurance company and client to understand their needs, and thoroughly researching prospective units enabled us to find the perfect rental in an expedited manner for such a deserving family. This case was nowhere near the ordinary rental procedure that agents are accustomed to and it did have its fair share of "bumps in the road". It took a lot of diligence to work through some tricky insurance details, and I am extremely grateful to have Rental Beast collaborate with me from the beginning... they were there for me every step of the way and a true teammate. While every client is rewarding, this one proved to be one the most valuable and dear. I was directly involved with aiding a family (and their pet) get their lives back to some normalcy after a tragic incident. The client is very happy, which in turn makes me ecstatic to have helped.
    As expressed above, Rental Beast makes a great teammate for clients and Realtors - hands down. I continue to refer and utilize their website as the only way to look for a rental. And I look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate with RB for other rental clients.

    – Peggy , Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Rental Beast Certified Agent
  • I have been using Rental Beast now for the past year and it's proven to be a powerful resource for assisting with my rental clients. Besides the abundance of non MLS rental listings that I did not know about or have access to it's saved me hours in researching options for my clients. It also allows me to take those listings and assign them or email them to my clients with detailed descriptions and photos.
    Rental Beast has also increased my client base by giving me pre-qualified and serious renters that are not only interested in looking at rental property but ready to secure and sign a lease.
    Rental Beast is also extremely helpful at saving me time and keeping me organized in the busy rental season and has boosted my income. A powerful, proven tool for any broker that works with renters.

    – Isabel, Coldwell Banker
  • I am a CB agent who does a fair amount of rentals. I have utilized Rental Beasts site frequently to find rentals for my clients that were not available on MLS. This is a fantastic resource to have as they have a large inventory of rentals in a widespread area! I recommend their site to fellow colleagues having challenges finding rentals for their clients.

    – Sug
  • The rental beast platform is really second to none when it comes to ease of use, narrowing down options for a prospect, and eliminating all the confusion in the rental market. This service is helping me grow my business and provide a good stream of income while at the same time, giving prospects a great tool to find the perfect apartment in a competitive market.
    I also really like the fact that the Rental Beast team is always available to help with any questions that come up related to the platform, paperwork, apartments and any other issues that may come up. This allows me to focus on helping people find apartments and grow my business

    – Peter, Coldwell Banker
  • Working with Rental Beast has been a very positive experience for me. As a newer agent (18 months) dealing with renters can be intimidating, everything moves fast, yet nothing is dependable. The laws and regulations that a rental agent has to know can also add to the stress level, particularly for the first couple of transactions. Being able to call Ashley and get a quick, accurate and calm response to any question has been a great help for me. Even if the rental does not work out I still get to meet and know a client, a landlord (or several),a building, a neighborhood, while at the same time getting a really accurate gauge for the overall market. Boston is a tough rental market especially for people who do not have a lot of resources, having all the latest market information available instantly is a big advantage. Rental Beast gives me all that information in one place, sure the software is not perfect but even when there is a problem I can call and get an answer on the phone. When I finally get the lease signed and the client is happy, I feel like I have planted a little seed on that particular street for the future

    – Michael, Coldwell Banker
  • Rental Beast is always up to date on what is current on the market. The staff has also gone out of their way in helping me find good matches for my clients. In a market that changes daily, I am glad I can count on Rental Beast!

    – Alisa
  • This is Xiulin. I am an new agent, just started to do rental work. I use RENTAL BEAST through NRT GATEWAY. It is very easy to use, I just entered rental price, location, the all of rental information comes out so accurate. I do not need to search other websites. I am so happy to use it. Thank you for your support.

    – Xiulin
  • The Rental Beast has been a welcome source of gaining new business.

    – Paul


  • Our broker, Joe, provided us with the knowledge, expertise and the courtesy we were seeking when searching for our apartment in Boston. We felt comfortable not only with the selection of apartments Rental Beast supplied us, but throughout the whole process they were there at our every beck and call. Could not have asked for a better experience!

    – Anne W.
  • I've lived in big cities before and Rental Beast has been the most helpful in all of my apartment searches. They offer a simple, easy and quick solution! I'm extremely happy with my experience and wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone in need of a rental in or around Boston!

    – Lorin W.
  • Selection, selection, selection...I have worked with over 10 brokers in Boston and Rental Beast has been miles ahead of the competition in regards to professionalism, punctuality, lease concerns, and overall aptitude of the market here in Boston. I have rented through Ashleigh twice and will be using him again when I move out of this apartment!

    – Gordon E.
  • Where else can you find an extremely nice and professional office staff to help you through your apartment search in addition to your broker making your apartment search hassle free? Rental Beast is the only brokerage in Boston I would ever use...period

    – Michelle G.
  • My children, who are students at Northeastern, needed an apartment and needed it fast. Braden at Rental Beast literally walked us through every step of the process and found them an apartment and had a signed lease the same day. He stayed in touch with me(and the other parents) throughout each and every step and couldn't have been more educational and informative. He also made me feel at ease without any type of pushy sales tactics I had seen before. Rental Beast (Braden) certainly took the hassle out of this ever so difficult process!

    – Lynn W.
  • From the moment I met Braden, I could tell he was hardworking and willing to do anything to help us find our dream apartment! He listened to what I was looking for and continuously showed me listings until I found the perfect place! I would absolutely use Braden and Rental Beast again in the future. It was a pleasure to work with them!

    – Shelley W.
  • Moving to Boston from rural Pennsylvania was extremely stressful because of my lack of 'Boston Knowledge' but Jesse from Rental Beast went above and beyond in helping my family search for housing. Since Rental Beast cover all areas of Boston, we were able to get a good sense of what each neighborhood offered, all the while Jesse went in depth as to what school systems were best for our kids and couldn't have been more honest in his approach. He took a stressful, overwhelming process and made it simple and hassle free!

    – Ellen G.
  • As an international student from Japan, I was not able to come to the states before starting school. Michelle at Rental Beast went to each apartment within my parameters, took pictures for me and provided detailed descriptions of each property. After going through each apartment with her on the phone, I was able to make a decision without ever seeing the actual apartment in person and eight months later, I couldn't be happier with the decision I made. Much to my delight; the neighborhood, management company, and actual apartment ended up being exactly as imagined.

    – Moe B.


  • I was pleased with the ease of use of setting up the listing as well as the quick follow up with a phone call confirming all of my information.

    – Adam G.
  • Thank you for your consistent help with rental needs! Grateful for Rental Beast!! I recommend this service to all Landlords and Property Managers!

    – Dee Davis