We’re not just another listings site.

With access to millions of listings and growing, real-time accuracy and intelligent tools, we offer renters and landlords the shortest path from search to find.

We manage, monitor and measure every listing.

When you list your property here (for free), you’re not merely posting an ad. You’re leveraging powerful technology that our expert partner agents rely on to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The best tech tools—in your hands and ours.

Listing is the easy part, then what? Screen applicants, draft up documents and perfect your listing to attract quality tenants. We help you manage all of that with technology and a human touch. Get the best online service with intelligent tools or go old school and have one of our partner agents do it all for you.

We’ve got the rental universe. You have the reins.

What does most comprehensive database of rental listings mean? It’s the go-to site for renters and top partner agents to meet up and get matched. It’s also a great place to gain insights that can then help you make informed decisions. All paths lead to one destination: rented.

No strings attached. No Contract. Just a lot of bells and whistles.

It’s always free and non-exclusive for landlords to list. But our no charge policy also includes personalized data leading to more insights that leads to more chances of a successful match. You get premium tools online and premium service from our partner agents every step of the way.

It’s like becoming a Super Agent!

We set you up with the most comprehensive, high quality listings database so you can focus on your clients. Get **waayyy** more inventory than any other MLS or rental site plus all the information you need to complete a lease.

Quality renters, ready and raring to go.

We make your job easy by gathering your client information upfront and helping you and the client navigate the leasing transaction using our proprietary CRM tool (something along those lines) so you’re prepped for that first conversation from the get-go. From their property and neighborhood criteria to ideal rental range and showing times, get all you need to your clients what they need.

A team that’s been there, here for you.

Our Broker Support Group, made up of current and former real estate agents, can work alongside you in your market to help you close transactions. Whether it’s tech support, inventory discovery, or help processing applications we can help you at any step in the process.

Rental clients now. Home buyers later.

Our intelligent database helps target renters who are likely to buy homes soon. Plus, our rigorous outreach program to thousands of small, medium and large rental property owners delivers new for-sale listings to brokerage partners before they hit the MLS. If you’re in it for the long haul, we’re right here with you.

We invented truth-in-listing.

No outdated info. No duplicates. No bait and switch. If a property is real and rentable, it’s here. Our technology and staff verifies and tracks every listing so what you see online is what you’ll see in real-life. Isn’t that refreshing?

Home in on the rental that fits you—and your lifestyle.

We’ll not only show you comprehensive rental listings in the area you choose, we’ll help you get to know the neighborhood and figure out your commute too. After all, you’re not just renting a property you’re finding a home.

Local experts to hold your hand.

Sure you start with number of bedrooms and rental range but there’s more to apartment hunting than that. What about the vibe of the neighborhood, where to eat, proximity to your friends and nearest parks? Relax… Our partner agents give you the lay of the land—inside the walls and out—from first click to final lease.

Free and easy. The rental process, revolutionized.

In one fell swoop, search an enormous number of quality listings, filter them by features that matter most and get personal service from the best in the business. Whether you’re moving across town or cross-country, we’ve shortcut the process to finding your perfect rental.