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We are to rentals what MLS is to home sales. As the first, largest and most accurate database of national rental listings, our partner agents use our proprietary technology to match the right properties to the right tenants.

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Whether you’re a renter or landlord, our innovative technology and business model constantly scouts units, scopes out neighborhoods and verifies listing information…bringing everything that’s out there in here—real-time 24/7.

Only Rental Beast offers the largest and most up-to-date inventory, combined with the smartest search tools so renters can find exactly what they’re looking for without digging through ads and misinformation.

Landlords and renters get help from local experts who know the neighborhoods, corners and quirks that make each one, well, a neighborhood. Premium, personalized service every step of the way from search to sealing the deal.

Unlimited rental listings for free, for real. Plus get custom market data, tools to make smarter decisions and access to some of the best-trained partner agents in real estate.
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