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Help your members tap into the rental market’s endless opportunities. 

Partnering with Rental Beast offers your members access to the most comprehensive rental inventory database along with tools and resources tailored to assist renters and cultivate relationships with property owners and investors. This partnership enables them to expand their homebuyer pipelines while also generating revenue through rental transactions.

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Why rentals matter to Agents

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Nearly 40% said rental inventory and rental-related solutions should be a top priority for their MLS in 2024.

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Over 65% said rentals will be more important in 2024 than in 2023.

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61% of respondents said they don’t believe their MLS is sufficiently focused on rentals.

Data comes from the Annual Real Estate Agent and Market Trends Survey that Rental Beast conducted in December 2023. The report aims to provide a deeper understanding of current trends and agent sentiments within local markets. The full report can be found here.  

Benefits of partnering with Rental Beast

Powerful tools for your members
Give your members tools and resources to diversify their revenue streams and grow their homebuyer pipelines by working with rentals
Increase your MLS listing inventory
MLS partners saw their average active rental listings increase by 40% YoY. 

MLSs and REALTOR® Associations all across North America rely on Rental Beast

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Tools and Features to help your members succeed

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Explore millions of rental listings with our expansive database. Use our powerful advanced filters to find the ideal match for your client.


Extend your listings’ reach by using our third-party syndication feature. Share your rentals across various platforms to increase visibility to a broader tenant pool.


Accurately and competitively price your listings with our Comparative Market Analysis tool. Leverage market data and trends to attract more potential tenants.

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Simplify the listing process with our rental-friendly Add/Edit tool. Effortlessly create and manage listings with a streamlined interface.

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Claim Listings

Save time with our innovative Claim Rental Listings tool, which bypasses the manual input process. Gain immediate control of your listings to manage and market.

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Tenant Screening

Find quality tenants and easily screen applicants with Apply Now. Stay in control of the process with real-time notifications.

Revolutionizing Rental Listings for Consumer Trust and Agent Efficiency

In the ever-evolving landscape of online real estate, two pressing challenges demanded innovative solutions. Read the case study to find out which ones and how Rental Beast, Southwest MLS, and FBS worked together to solve them.

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What they're saying

With RentalBeast, my members have access to basic data for an additional 17,600 Rented listings that they previously would not have seen, allowing them to answer the question ‘How Much Can I Rent My House For?’ with a more complete data set."

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Richard Gibbens

Executive Director - SWMLS