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Rental Beast for C.A.R. Members

Meet Rental Beast Gateway–the lead-to-lease solution provided as a member benefit by the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

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The California Rental Listing Service is here!

Rental Listing Service

All C.A.R. members will have basic access to Rental Beast’s database of fulfillment-grade residential rental listings, as well as the ability to add your own rental listings directly to the California Rental Listing Service, C.A.R.'s statewide consumer-facing rental website, with all rental leads coming back to you!

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Find your clients the perfect apartment with a rental-centric search. Search based on availability dates, financial requirements, building amenities, pet policies, and more. Save frequent searches, bookmark listings, and even set automated alerts for clients as rental listings meeting their criteria come to market.

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Rental Beast makes it easy to add and maintain your rental listings to the California Rental Listing Service. Easily enter or upload listings and set your marketing and processing preferences, or avoid entering listing information altogether by claiming listings already in Rental Beast's database of more than 10 million owner-sourced rental listings.

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Lead Generation & Qualification

Enjoy enhanced marketing for your rental listings, including syndication to and the California Rental Listing Service. Take advantage of nurturing tools designed to help you identify and establish relationships with future buyers before they enter the market.

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Apply Now by Rental Beast

Save time with Rental Beast's lightning-fast online rental application and tenant screening engine! Easy to use, secure, and fully FCRA-compliant, Apply Now keeps you at the center of the transaction process, keeping you up-to-date and in control!

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Rental Beast University

Get unlimited access to Rental Beast University, an online education platform designed by industry experts to support you through every aspect of the rental process.

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Unleash your full potential with Rental Beast

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rental Beast?
What is the California Rental Listing Service?
How do renters become home buyers?
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Why is C.A.R. partnering with Rental Beast?
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Why should REALTORS® work with rentals?

We are proud of our customers

“ I appreciate the leads I get from Rental Beast! I have a 75-80% response rate and have converted 5-10% of them to buyers. I'm excited to keep working with the industry experts at Rental Beast and look forward to working with more renters and future home buyers! After all, it's a numbers game. ”

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Timothy Rezek

Keller Williams Premiere Properties

“ Rentals are helping me create a sustainable long-term business. I can literally follow anyone I placed in a rental and be their long-term partner, whether that means helping them secure their next property for purchase or another rental.”

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Ricardo Suber

eXp Realty

“I would recommend any new agent looking to start or grow their business or any seasoned agent needing access to off the market listings and owners to partner with Rental Beast! I converted a renter lead into a buyer purchasing a $870k condo and I am closing on a $8k rental as well. They have provided some of the best leads I have received from a company in over 20 years in the business.”

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Jonele Maffucci

Premier Agent Network

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