Shmuel Freeman is the Vice President of Business Development for Rental Beast. Shmuel has over 10 years of business development experience from across the pond and from coast to coast. Today, Shmuel helps accelerate the development of the Rental Beast database across the United States and beyond. He provides support for newly formed teams and local managers and has played a pivotal role in the expansion of Rental Beast’s vision nationally. As the company grows, Shmuel is responsible for identifying new opportunities and maintaining the quality and transparency of Rental Beasts’ services across all areas of operation.

Shmuel has developed a proven track record in revenue generation and business development in various industries. One might say that Shmuel has learned a thing or two about how to negotiate a deal and provide unparalleled client service.

Prior to taking on his current role at Rental Beast, Shmuel worked as a Senior Business Development expert in the technology industry, and shortly thereafter, he worked as Vice President for a financial services company in California, where he provided expert financial advice to clients for nearly 10 years. Shmuel grew up in London, England, and graduated from the Rabbinical College of America in 1992.